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Square Dancing - Have Fun and Improve Health!

Laughing at least 10 times a day keeps macrocytes high enough to prevent a person from catching most viruses and infections.  Many square dancers claim they laugh at least 10 times at any two-hour square dance.

Touch is healthy.  Premature babies thrive more if given a gentle massage a few times a week.  In Florida retired people, who have been trained and give the premies massages, have been found to decrease their own blood pressures and need less antihypertensives.  Autistic children who are held or touched the most have less behavior problems.  I haven't found a 10-minute square dance tip where you are either touching or being touched less than 40 times. Alamande left, grand right and left, and meet your partner is six times.

More Americans are overweight today than were 20 years ago.  Dancing burns 200-400 calories in 30 minutes according to Mayo's Cardiovascular Health Clinic.  According to an article in American Square Dance Magazine, an average 150-pound person burns 102 calories while square dancing 15 minutes.  Most square dances have snacks including fresh vegetables.  Most dancing is associated with alcohol and smoking.  Square dancing is rarely held where alcohol or smoking is permitted in the building.

Stress increases diseases.  It is impossible for the average human to be completing one call, listening for the next call, and worrying about problems.

Many parents wish to spend much of their fun time with their children.  Dancers are usually between age 8 and 85.

Aerobic exercise is known to be healthy for circulation, respiration, energy, and extremities.  It increases good cholesterol and often lowers total cholesterol.  Square dancing speed varies from very fast in clubs catering to teenagers to a relaxed pace in senior clubs.  The most common is a speed in between using arms and legs in a walking speed.  The square dancing on T.V. is usually clogging or square tapping, a special variation.

Married people have a longer life expectancy than single people.  Many couples have met at single or family square dance clubs.  Some exercise plans are limited to certain situations.  My husband and I have danced to a legally blind caller.  We have danced with a man after he had bilateral hip replacements.  We frequently dance with people who have had bypass surgery or pacemaker implantation.  We have watched a wheelchair club where wheelchair-restricted and their nonrestricted partners in wheelchairs have danced together.  There are clubs for the developmentally disabled.  We have seen an exhibition club where we could not tell which one child was blind and which one child was deaf in squares of mostly unchallenged children.  Many asthmatics and diabetics claim better disease control after dancing a few months. 

There is a theory that Alzheimer's progression is slowed and onset is prolonged in people who keep the central nervous-neuro muscular pathways active.  Square dancing keeps all the senses and neuro pathways moving. 

Some exercise plans are hard to find when you travel . Every country that teaches square dancing teaches it with the calls in English.  Links to square dance clubs worldwide can also be found online at  Most large cities have square dance something listed in their phone books.  Most are glad to help you find the closest or most appropriate club.

Hope - Certified Rehabilitation R.N.

© July 21, 1999. Full permission to reprint is granted to promote square dancing.


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